My photography project „Identity” is based on series of archival photographs, taken from the family album. It is an attempt to examine the personal relationship between me and my Mother, separate and common identity. Many of us form their personalities in the belief that as an autonomous entity makes its own decisions, especially completely different, distinct than the people who influence us the longest and often – the most – our parents. Over the years, the nature of my relationship with Mom was diametrically changing – from typical children’s natural love through independence until the unconditional friendship that can connect two peers.


Yellowed pictures pulled out of dusty boxes – known, unknown to me faces and silhouettes, trips associated with the story, dates and places signed in pencil on the back side – the small pictures, „scraps” of life which are the building blocks of component and psycho-physical and moral condition of the human „I”.


By replacing our silhouettes I try to recreate distance in time, I move at time on two separate levels – looking for connections and differences. In most cases, I find them through recognizable elements of the picture – familiar faces and spaces – long friendships, constant returns to beloved places, forgotten acquaintances, broken off contacts, as well as the similarities – a gesture or face expression.


This project is an attempt to spread across the components of personal dependence, understanding the nearest relations, schematic nature of congenital and acquired behavior and unconscious connections that determine the value of intentionality and identification with „their own”.